21 thoughts on “Cosmos Models

  1. Sir, I am highly interested in your 1/4222 Star Wars ships. I am planning to create a fleet around my old ERTL Star Destroyer model. I am especially interested in the Dreadnaught, Flurry Carrier, Victory Star Destroyer, Interdictor Cruiser, MC-80 Cruiser, and the upgrade parts for Reb Star Destroyer. Thank you for your time.

  2. Hey Nicholas!

    Where is a good place to order the 1/350 Gozanti? It would be a great center piece for the game I am running at this year’s Millennium Con.



  3. Hi there, I would very much like to purchase some of your Star Destroyer Deflector Domes. I live in the UK. How do I go about getting them. Please could you email me? Thanks, Stuart

    1. Very much interested in getting a pair of these domes, any insight as to how to get them. SSM is out of stock of everything.

  4. Waiting and waiting for the deflector domes – nearly everything at Starship Modeler Store is “out of stock”. Any estimate on how much longer “soon” will be?

    1. SSM has not actually placed a re-stock order. SO they might not have them. I will though. I’ve asked my caster to send me a bunch. Email me your address and I’ll send a set out to you. Should be by the end of the month.

      1. Nicholas,
        Would like to get a set or two.

        How do I go about ordering these from you?

        Bill F

  5. Excellent! Any chance there might be additional bits for the StarDestroyer?
    Side walls, surface detail, mini Blockade Runner or a Falcon?

    For the time being put me down for a couple of the Deflector Domes at SSM.


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