8 thoughts on “1/72 ZETA-CLASS CARGO SHUTTLE PT2

  1. Beautiful kit! I am working on some Scarif stuff for Star Wars: Legion and although the scale would be smaller, I’d be interested in a 1/72nd kit to use for scenery. A bit overkill but it would look amazing I think. I’ve seen your stuff on shapeways but I feel their printing service isn’t the greatest with details. Would the kit be through them or printing yourself?

    1. Hey Brien! Shapeways would be ridiculously expensive for a 1/72 print of this. As it is, I can print myself on a Form2 for just about $800….which is probably WAY more than you need for scenery 😛 HOWEVER I could just print a cargo pod or 2 for far less….lmk

  2. I see. I’m bummed I’ll have to wait. It sounds like the medical frigate is taking priority right now. I’m more of an Empire ship fan myself.

    1. Yeah it’s been a beast 2+ years in the making. Luckily its in it’s finally in the casting process and I’ll have the first kit for a preview soon. He has a couple smaller kits to make then he’ll be onto the shuttle. 🙂

  3. Are you still planning on selling the 3D printed parts in 1/72 and/or 1/144 scale for this model? I have looked and it appears that you are/were the only one working on the Zeta class shuttle.

    1. Hey Marcus, I am selling the 3D printed kit in 1/72, though it’s expensive. Too expensive to make a resin kit…However, the 1/144 pattern is complete and with JPG Productions and should make it’s release sometime mid-2018! Cheers!

      1. Got it. Are you apart of JPG Productions or did you just run the print for them? I only ask because I just discovered their stuff today after finding your zeta class shuttle online.

        And I’m going to keep my eye out for the 1/144 scale. It seems like a great size for a hobby guy like me.

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