More parts are being added daily! The Tirpitz 3D printed parts are done and in place for the engine mounts. The wiring still needs to be secured and covered. Once those parts were laid down I was able to add on the Ferrari engine parts AND (since it’s a gunship) build a rear facing turret and mount.

Speaking of gunship turrets, a few more were strategically placed. They are all pretty much made up of Flak cannon parts with a couple additions for good measure. The bottom of the command section has static forward facing for blasting blockades. If the design choice of the longer Firespray skirt needs to be justified, it can serve as a battering ram/hull breaker (like an ice breaker) and the cannons could be ion to weaken shields prior to ramming.

Speaking of which, the command section is coming along. Bit by bit pieces are being added, all of which are in character.

I decided to cover the central seams as well with some classic kit parts. The side stabilizers are now reinforced as well. You’ll notice the bottom of the command section was augmented with an additional piece of the P-38. As I build, I keep in mind the motto: If it fits, it sticks.

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