Studio Scale McQuarrie A-Wing Pt1

This has been a grail kit for a long time and the opportunity to build one finally came up again! This is will join my growing studio scale ranks soon as I hope to have this wrapped up for Wonderfest.

The kit itself is pretty large but isn’t that complicated. Being resin it’s relatively heavy so a sturdier support structure is necessary. I found some old lamps in an alley some time ago and it turned out to be the perfect fit. Some gutting, securing, and rewiring and it’s a nice display element! Even the weird blue paint scrapes off for an all silver base.

While the kit has some nice integrated details, it lacks all the cool little things that make up the fun bits 🙂 IE it needs more greeblies. Oh, and a new pilot. I sourced one from the True Details 1/24 Luftwaffe pilot and modified his head a little to fit the helmet. WHICH, by the way, is a 3D print from a quick design of the A-Wing pilot helmet I did in Sketchup. Definitely looks the part.

The prep work was pretty straight forward in regards to getting the main pieces closed up. The brass supports on the cannons are just for strength. Luckily, no heavy routing was needed as the cockpit floor was thin enough to slice through and the edges of the hull halves were snipped for the wires.


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