1/500 Nebulon B Medical Frigate

In addition to the large-scale 1/350 resin kit in the works, I’ve been commissioned to build and paint a 1/500 (24″) version of the Frigate. The parts breakdown is essentially the same as the larger version, just scaled down to 70%. She’s all but assembled but primer is in the near future. Once that get’s laid down I’ll go back in and add a number of details such as smaller antenna parts and the Millennium Falcon! Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “1/500 Nebulon B Medical Frigate

  1. Dont mind the wait but its a little out of my budget. I thought that since this model is 70% of the 1/350 (which you are selling for $600) the price would be about $350 to $400. Nice model though I have a 19″ inch which I bought from a Russian supplier for $110.00 but it is not a detailed as your rendition. Thought about replacing it with yours and sell it. Anyways thanks for the time and attention. Let me know if you decide to do the Otana (YT-2000) in 1/144. It will be a nice pairing to my Bandai Falcon and the Outrider I bought from you awhile back.


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