COMMISSION: 1/350 Rebel Blockade Runner pt1

First post on another commission project! This will be a fun one. Classic ship. Classic scheme. I’m thinking of doing a Star Destroyer hull section as the base for an “action shot”. Either that or the long flexible metal arm. The base already has openings for switches and jacks so we’ll see what the client wants.

So far the build has been a breeze. I’ve been able to glue parts here and there in the brief flashes of time that come up. The most intensive section has been the engine array. Not only are there 11 separate engine parts, there are at least 7 unique parts (some duplicated). Luckily they are numbered. Unluckily, parts needed to be shaved down for everything to fit. Alignment is turning out really well though. Further unluckiness: the section just in front of the engine block was misaligned and scoops upwards. I will need to saw it off (see black marking), sand the joint and re-connect….

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