Progress keeps slowly building with this project. I keep moving from area to area to try and keep the build going evenly. Getting a good shape for the engine block is tricky since it has to be similar enough to be an ‘upgrade’ on the original design and yet be unique. To that end I borrowed some pieces from an F-Toys AT-TE and an F-15 to build out the shapes.

Buried in the parts box was an old 3D print of one my Star Destroyer dome. Building up a similar turret style structure along with this deflector dome was an easy choice.

As it turns out, an old Flanker build had some good parts to donate. I’ll be using the vertical stabilizers as the discharge vanes and the intakes as…well…intakes. The front area of the drive section is starting to take more shape, too. The levels were built up using more AT-TE parts and some MiG-21 leftovers.

Details keep getting added on here and there. Little armor plates, pointy things, strips, etc. I also wanted to change the shape on the front so I found some old canopy pieces that fit pretty well. It’s a little ‘chin’ heavy but it adds to the ‘whale-ness’ of the ships vibe.

There’s a lot of gaps that will need to be filled and not necessarily with detail. The studio modelers used a lot of putty to blend some areas together and this is no different.

Lastly for this update, you can see the main shape and layout is looking pretty good and balanced. The lower front section still needed a simile to that long ribbed piece from the original so that is getting built out as well.

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