KITBASH: 1/2256 Nebulon K Frigate PT1

This has been a concept floating around my parts bin for a few years now. The initial spark was the armor sides that just looked like the right shape. From there I added some leftover 3D printed E-Wing Mk II wings and the concept took off.

The parts for this kept getting collected even if they were checked off as maybe items. When the pile reached critical mass it was time to begin!

Every little bit counts! The parts just keep getting added in all the right places.

Since this is an upgraded version of the EF-76 Nebulon B I figured it’d be cool if there was a hangar instead of an umbilical.  This one is made from a leftover battleship turret. It looks like just the right fit! The YT-1300 is a little big but a couple of fighters should fit perfectly! Moving along the back the spine assembly is taking shape, too.

The engine/drive section is another fun bit of junk. There’s a lot of structure going on here.

Pushing this a step further, the drive section, spine and forward parts were joined! Viola! Not a bad ship coming together here….

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