Continuing progress on this fella. All the holes for the fiber optics were drilled in several short sessions, which is one of the big humps with any project like this. I also added the double-nut mount to the hole and secured in place with putty. Should hold for now but once it’s dry I’m going to cap off the hole from the inside and back fill it to make it more stable. It will probably be fine as is, I would just like to be sure. The electronics were positioned again and I realized I needed a hole for the engine flicker switch! The placement might look too conspicuous but once the hulls are buttoned up the detailing phase will begin…which means that little button should blend right in. The fiber threading phase is now underway as well. This time, since I can only work in short bursts, I’m threading one “plane” at a time and setting the glue up. This first bout was the back side.

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