Much more progress has happened on this fellow. Less warpage, no huge parts to assemble, etc. Added the very cool clear cast engines. These things will glow VERY nicely so I’ll have to be careful with the light blocking. The insides need to be gutted a little more too to make room for the fiber optics, which I also started drilling holes for.

When I was drilling out I accidentally punched through the top so I initially added a styrene patch and backed it with some Tamiya putty. After about a day of drying the putty actually melted the patch so I popped off the material and re-patched the hole, this time with a buildup of ONLY styrene…

The mounting and power supply system is a 2-parter. Meaning there is one hole for the support rod and one hole for the power jack. I picked up some extra nuts at the hardware store to embed in the bottom kit resin for the mount to screw in to. It’ll be stable.

I also drilled the hole for the power jack and first tried a surface mount 1/8″ jack…I don’t quite like them as much as the other style, so I dug through my electronics toolbox and came up with the one I like. It needed to be shaved down a bit but at least it will be a nice solid jack for the power. AND I don’t need to shave down any extra detail on the bottom.

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