COMMISSION: 1/2256 Star Destroyer Avenger pt3

Added the trenches to the lower hull!! You can see by some of the pics that some of the strips were still a little warped. Luckily with clamps and superglue it was a non-issue. The parts fit into place really well. There will be some detailing attention on the nose and many other areas along the sides once it’s closer to being buttoned up.

Joined the engine plates and nozzles!!! I figured I’d get this big part wrapped up to see how it’ll fit (and it fits well!). This, just like the rest, will get detailing attention once it’s all in place.

There are a lot of areas that still need some reinforcement (and light blocking) so I will be added some goopy epoxy/putty material. Hopefully the bonding will be enough reinforcement. I’ll also be working on a skeletal structure soon, too, now that these pieces are done. I’ll also drill out the engines to make room for the LEDs once the epoxy junk is in place.


One thought on “COMMISSION: 1/2256 Star Destroyer Avenger pt3

  1. Hi Nicholas, I’m watching this one with great interest because I plan to start mine in January. I’m hoping to see more pictures of how you do the interior support because that’s where I’m a little unsure of what I’m going to do with mine. I saw how you used clamps to straighten the side trench pieces but this leaves me wondering how you are going to drill the holes for the fibers later -or- did you predrill them and I just didn’t see them in the photos?

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