COMMISSION: 1/2256 Star Destroyer Avenger pt2

The main focus of this project as of late has been the Avenger. Looking at all the parts revealed that some of them were fairly warped and needed a heat gun to reshape. The larger hull sections being the main offenders, I focused on them. The lower hulls luckily were more straight than the upper pieces, or the forward triangular pieces for that matter. Thus the lower hull was easier to assemble. Relatively… The ventral spine piece is a nice block that locks into place between the hulls. Unfortunately, the angle is a little shallow so all the pieces went together there was another round of heat gun treatment.

At this point, the superstructure was easily assembled as well. There is still some minor warping present that should be easily corrected before attaching to the upper hull pieces. I decided to stack them and cut out the openings for the fiber optic bundles later. You’ll notice that there are a few gaps here and there that will need filling. Those really won’t be an issue because once everything is together I’ll be doing some additional detailing in the form of plastic, vinyl and photo etch all over this beast…

NOW the main problem is figuring out an internal support structure. I think I’ll add a beam along the lower spine that the support rod can securely fasten to. That way the weight of the resin will rest upon the bracing structure instead of the mounting post. I think I’ll also add a couple pieces that fit along the interior dorsal spine and a piece that supports the superstructure tiers. Still thinking about the design but I’m pretty sure it’ll work. I might even get some metal bars and heavy epoxy to keep the other pieces from warping over time.

I’m also thinking of keeping the head/spine piece detachable via magnets and a “plug” for the LEDs for easier shipping. That is also a bonus because if I have to ship this thing overseas and it’s sealed up, customs might smash it open to see inside…

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