SMA BSC 2015 Entry #2: 1/144 German Type XXIII U-Boat pt1

There was a small U-Boat itch that struck in the past couple of weeks. I picked up this little Trumpeter gem for $5 during a sale at Squadron (also got a Wuhan sub for $6 and a 1/144 Revell U-Boat VII for $2!!). So yeah, the itch is being scratched. As part of this build I found there was some photo etch available, while for the ICM kit, it will work for this kit.

First thing i wanted to do was open up all these holes…so with my newly built Tamiya drill and a fresh #11 blade I went at them carefully. They’re a bit larger than the mold, but not so much to make a visual impact.

There are a few spots on the hull, too, which went together super easily.

Because all these holes are now open, too much light passes through the tower so I needed to add some light blocking pieces.

All the detail parts and photo etch make a big impact on this little boat. The first railing I added turned out to be too small and out of scale so I pulled them off after priming…

The base parts had a couple injector marks I filled easily. I’m also using a nice little block of rosewood I had leftover from a guitar I built a while back. With a little wax it looks pretty good.

And with some black primer and new railing posts, she’s ready for paint!!

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