SMA BSC 2015 Entry #1: 1/48 Su-27UB Blue 52 pt13

Another anticipated issue with the fit of the lower fuselage is the radome. You can see there are a number of issues along the seams, the least of which is the fit of the unaltered plastic. I did some trimming and added some splints. A final layer of putty will help smooth everything together. Some lines will need to be rescribed but ce la vie. Figured I’d build the vertical stabilizers while the putty set.

Once the lower fuselage was fit, some of the other seam issues became apparent. Luckily the Aires burner cans are designed so they don’t have to be installed along with the fuselage joining. I’ll be able to cut out some open panels and detail a bit while cleaning up the tail seams. There is also some work needed along the trailing edge where the stabilizers meet.

There was still some warpage issues with the wings that was slightly mitigated by adding the braced lower wings. Again, there are some gaps at the wing root that need to be addressed.

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