SMA BSC 2015 Entry #1: 1/48 Su-27UB Blue 52 pt8

Did a little work last night while paint was drying on the MC-80. The wheel well detail on the upper fuselage needs to be filed/sanded down to get the new wheel wells to fit. There’s also a fair bit of sanding to come along the seams. Also added the last of the AMUR vents.

Here’s what’s happening with the radome right now. I’ll need to shave some material from one side of the lower fuselage edge and add some to the opposite site. It’ll fit nicely in the end.

Did some more work on the intakes. The fans were dropped in, painted black then dry brushed silver. I’m not too concerned about the sloppy paint as you can’t tell once the intakes are in place.

Lastly, since the intakes have open tops, light bleeds through from the open wheel bays. To correct this I fitted a piece of adhesive vinyl to the top. Works as an effective light block with no impact on the fit.

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