Commission: 1/2256 MC-80 cruiser #3 pt7

BIG update. This past week was a big push. I’m really working towards having this thing finished by the weekend. Where do I begin??? Let’s start from where I left off: masking. So after the initial base coat was applied (Akan 73156) I applied TONS of little squares of masking tape to replicate paneling.

Next up was the first round of painting. I began with Badger’s camouflage gray with some dumps of pearlescent pigment in the mix, thinned down a little bit. The effect is nice and subtle because the shade is ever so lighter than the Akan color plus the metallic sheen. Additionally, I used a mix of AK rubber black and sea gray to add some darker gray areas as well as “highlight” the tech areas. The 3rd step during this painting process was to apply the rust colors, which is a mix of Vallejo German Orange and AK Sea Gray. I applied this last mix a little more judiciously; the last build had much larger areas of rust/red and deviated from the on-screen look a little too much. I also used some photo etch frets to get some different patterns.

There’s a whole bunch more updates so I’ll break them into new posts 🙂 Stay tuned!

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