SMA BSC 2015 Entry #1: 1/48 Su-27UB Blue 52 pt5

A few minor updates from the past couple weeks. It’s been a little slow on the modeling front because I’ve been working on installing some art for a big show (see here: BUT I was able to find 10/15 minutes here and there. The easy stuff was getting the Alamos together. The detail is just stunning on these in this scale. I really hope Eduard steps up and releases some 1/72 Brassin sets like this.

The cockpit started getting some attention as well. I almost forgot to cut out the area to accommodate the Fairy Hobby canopy when I put the Aires combing in place! Oops. I also added the photo etch pieces to the fuselage side of the canopy system. And since the cockpit pieces are pretty easy to piece together, I went ahead and did that, too

The new wheels bays from Aires are really great in terms of detail, but they are a mess and a half to get into place. The front of the wheel well section is OK, but the main channels require a LOT of cut outs and alignment. I still need to fill some gaps and add some reinforcement pieces on the inside.

Another set of steps that easy to work on separately are the intakes. Once the rivets were complete I filled the seam with some CA, to be sanded later, and added in all the photo etch from both Eduard and AMUR. The AMUR vents/intakes, etc don’t quite fit over the Academy lines so I had to fill the plastic with Tamiya putty. They will be sanded flush so the vents stick out soon.

That’s all for now! Gotta focus on 2 commissions. 🙂 This will be worked on during the in between/drying stages of the others 😛

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