SMA BSC 2015 Entry #1: 1/48 Su-27UB Blue 52 pt4

It’s funny, I look back at this past week and think I really haven’t done much on this project, then I look at the pictures! Every little step makes a big difference and I might just be getting to the major building sooner than I realize!

First up, I started riveting! The horizontal and vertical stabilizers were first up and assembled. There were a few lines that needed to be scribed as well as small access panels.

The verticals were a little more complex so I made a new scribing template for the access panels. The lower fins also don’t come with the larger rivet markings so I used Hasegawa’s .75mm rivet punch tool. The ‘stabes are looking the part already.

Since the elevators are going to be drooped, the hinges need some extension work. It’s a little tricky trying to figure out curves and length by just dry fitting all the pieces, so an approximation took effect. Once the fins and fuselage pieces are assembled it should be easier to trim and fit the parts.

Not only are there new lines to be scribed, some need to be removed so I filled them with putty and began sanding smooth. I also started scribing the new lines on the wings. While I was at it I sanded down the ejector pin marks on the inside of the intakes.

So something funny also cropped up and it’s a bit of a hump. The wings are bent on both the top and bottom fuselage pieces. It’s probably my fault for packing the box so tight. I glued some steel rods into the bottom piece and it helped but there’s not enough room for them in the top section. I’ll have to work carefully with some heat from my desk lamp to reshape.

Lastly, Flankerman Ken over at ARC shared that the nose gear door inset shape is wrong, so I’ll be re-sculpting that. I also trimmed all the blocks off the resin pieces….still a huge pile!! That process included cutting apart the pieces I need from the kit pylons.

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