SMA BSC 2015 Entry #1: 1/48 Su-27UB Blue 52 pt1

Really been thinking about this build and I’ve narrowed down some choices:

1) This will be a heavily weathered bird (per this year’s theme)
2) The weathering will be winterized
3) I’ll be doing a full meal deal build, starting from Eduard’s Limited kit
4) It’ll be Blue 52 with some weathering borrowed from Blues 41 and 51.
5) I might build with a snowy base but only enter the model to keep it in the air category (unless the snowy base is permitted, no people or equipment.
6) I have to double check that I have decals to do 52, so I’ll need the numbers, a polar bear, and whatever else is bird specific…I might have to part out some sets. So if anyone has extras let me know!

***UPDATE: Turns out Linden Hill DID make decals for this family of birds!! EXCEPT THEY’VE BEEN SOLD OUT!!! And the sheet doesn’t have ’52’ on it. And the little red/white/gold emblem is slightly different. See the sheet below…

*******UPDATE: I found a friend to trade with who has the set!! I still need to make the new numbers though so I did a little work in Illustrator. See the last images.

I have plenty of reference material already gathered I think…but I can always add more!

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