1/144 Sukhois in progress: Su-30MKKs and T-50 pt2

Bases constructed for the landed Flankers! I printed the tarmacs on cardstock but in order to get them to NOT wrinkle I had to add some pressure. Like a 40lb box of books kind of pressure. A little trimming and some paint and they’re ready! Actually, I brushed white glue over the top of them and then when it was dry scored along the tile seams so when the light hits it right, you can see an indentation. I might still flat coat them though. As for the Flankers themselves they still need canopy sanding and polishing. 😦 I also finally started working on the display support for the in flight bird. The rod needs some reshaping but the effect is there.

Luckily, it was also warm enough this past weekend to get into the spray booth! The T-50 has been ready for paint for a while now. I used my new AKAN paints and I love em! They’re SOOO smooth!! I only used a drop or two of thinner just to make sure the preshading effect didn’t get lost. The bottom side blue is a typical Flanker color but the rhomboid top shape was a mix of black and a darker blue. After the initial shape was added I dropped some of the lighter blue in and post-shaded. Later on I hand brushed the white markings and metal for the engines. The darker tone is Tamiya gunmetal and the aluminum parts are from a Krylon silver leafing pen. Right now it’s clear coated and waiting for decals!

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