Commission: 1/2256 MC-80 cruiser #3 pt2

Quite a bit of big stage progress. Finally drilled all the windows out counted 1347, then drilled another batch after routing out a couple small areas…so definitely upwards of 1500. I also back filled the larger window openings with clear resin. A piece of packing tape did the trick to keep it flush. They’ll have a nice shape once I apply a liquid mask before priming etc. I was finally able to get back to my porch to finish drilling out the engines so those were added as well. Right now I’m in the fiber optic threading stage…which will take a few days time just for the glue that holds the fibers in place to dry. Lastly, I’ve also cast enough tiles for a good size display base! As part of a bonus gift I’m also building up an MC-30 frigate to be part of the display (see next post).


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