Commission: 1/2256 MC-80 cruiser #3 pt1

This is one of the commission projects I’ve slowly been working over the past few months. This also makes my 3rd MC-80 so I’ve got the process down. At this point, I have a number of tiles cast for the base, a threaded mount for the support rod (and secured with resin), opened up big windows, and about 120 windows drilled through and another 300+ marked for drilling. The assembly was pretty easy and I figured I’d get that done sooner than later but before that I had to route out some areas where electronics and fiber optics are going to be run. I have yet to drill out the engines and mount them, as well. The big step right now is drilling. Oh man, drilling. I’ve been able to do a little bit here and there but it’s a process that is more physically straining than you may think. Once all the windows are drilled, I’ll file and fill the larger windows and build up the hangar. And once the engines are in place I can being placing electronics (adding power jack + LEDs) and run all the fiber. Fun stuff.

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