Eduard 1/48 MiG-21MF Fishbed J Pt5

Now into all the details!!!

Master’s pitot! I’ve long been anxious about adding the fins on these types of pitots, but this one was actually a breeze and the fins are still holding strong.

The canopies got an interior paint job and some placard decals. I also masked the office and loosely taped the canopy in place for the forthcoming paint work.

Before heading into deep waters with all the external photo etch, I decided to finish up the wheels and struts. They still need a little bit of weathering but I like how they came out. I also realize the the oleos might be on the wrong side, too…but based on the actual parts and the placement of the gear doors, I think it’s right. The instructions weren’t so clear…

Before the primer was applied, I placed all the surface panels. It took a couple hours of focused time because a number of them needed to be bent to match the curves of the fuselage. I also had some concern that they stick out too far from the actual surfaces…on the actual aircraft they would be more flush. The trade off is that there is nice detail on those parts and the application of primer and paint will level them off somewhat.

Lastly, primer! Black basing method using Mr. Surfacer’s 1500.


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