MC-75 WIP pt1

Hey ho. I’ve had Calamari on the noggin…the MC-30 was fun and I know as much as we’d like to see an MC-80 in 1/4222, I’ve started working on a design of my own. Parts of it are informed by the MC-80 but some of it also comes from the Cruiser in the Battlefront games, which doesn’t have a designation.

This is basically the rough sketch done up over a couple hours off and on. There are a bunch more little bumps and knobs to add, maybe a couple large bulges here and there. Definitely will add large turrets on either side of the hangars. I’ll probably add a couple small hangars on the belly.

I’m mainly posting this to get some feedback from you guys while I’m still working on the shaping of it. Think of this as kind of a democratic process because I imagine Dac’s shipyards have an organic way of designing. 😀


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