Eduard 1/48 MiG-21MF Fishbed J Pt3

This build is really starting to look like a Fishbed now! A little bit of detail work was done before joining the lower wing piece to the fuselage. The wheel bays received a few pieces of photo etch and some canisters, etc were added to the wings. I decided to try something with the landing lights since there was no kit detail to place behind them. I placed some jewels behind and secured them with Micro Gloss and once that dried I dropped some white glue…then when that dried I painted some silver on it. The end result is a light with a reflecting dish behind it.

48mig21mf_IMG_8744  48mig21mf_IMG_875748mig21mf_IMG_8750

One problem with the wing attachment is the seams…not so great. Some filling and sanding should take care of it. I also took some time to spray some parts with primer.

48mig21mf_IMG_8753 48mig21mf_IMG_8754 48mig21mf_IMG_8756 48mig21mf_IMG_8758 48mig21mf_IMG_8759 48mig21mf_IMG_8760

It turns out that a little bit of MiG neutral wash inside the wheel bays gives it the perfect color I’m going for! I still need to pick out the cable color details and add some photo etch pieces, but the wheel bays are essentially done!

48mig21mf_IMG_8764 48mig21mf_IMG_8766 48mig21mf_IMG_8767 48mig21mf_IMG_8768 48mig21mf_IMG_8770 48mig21mf_IMG_8771

And last but not least, with the wing tops attached. Next up, scoops, fins, nose work and more!


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