Eduard 1/48 MiG-21MF Fishbed J Pt2

Slow but steady! The next step was getting all the cockpit pieces together before closing up the fuselage. I used Tamiya X-14 and X-15 in a ratio of 3:1 (I think) to match the color of the photo etch. It looks really close in these pics but in person there is a slightly more green tint. I also picked out some of the control details with black, silver and red on a toothpick. To finish it up some dry brushing and a light wash were applied.

48mig21mf_IMG_8718 48mig21mf_IMG_8742 48mig21mf_IMG_8740
48mig21mf_IMG_8704 48mig21mf_IMG_8720 48mig21mf_IMG_8719

This MF’s really starting to shape up now that the innards are done for the most part. The seam clean up will be minimal; the spine and dorsal fin fit like a glove. The ventral fin and chin seam will need a little cleanup.

48mig21mf_IMG_8721 48mig21mf_IMG_8723 48mig21mf_IMG_8727

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