1/72 A-Wing dual commission pt1

Another commission has begun! It’s lucky I had a couple of these A-Wings from RB26 in my stash still. They’re amazingly detailed kit for the scale. This particular build will be 2 fighters flying in formation. One of them will be the classic Return of the Jedi on screen scheme and the second will the the Ralph McQuarrie concept sketch scheme.

The base will house all the electronics with options for a wall plug or on-board 9v. I dug up some cool rocker switches, too, so that will be integrated into the side of the base. WHICH will be the Death Star tiles fit into a slim tall black picture frame. Each fighter will be supported by 2 brass rods, each with a shielded wire running through it terminating at the pins. Each fighter will have a socket on the belly that will allow for them to be removed or positions swapped.

The kits themselves are pretty chopped up from when I first got them. There was a day where I thought to just prep every resin kit I had for lighting. Maybe 6 or 7 kits were drilled out before I thought I had inhaled enough resin dust….j/k I ALWAYS were a mask and goggles!!! But still, I really gutted these and wasn’t as careful as I should’ve been. There will be some fix up areas but nothing too severe. Parts were carefully selected for each version, with the cleanest and most intact pieces going to the standard scheme and the slice-n-dice pieces heading to the McQ. Looking at the McQ version, there are a lot of things to work out to make the conversion. Some of them include filling out the bottom “vent”, rebuilding the engines (tubes and fins!), squaring off the nose and filling, new cannons, tapering off the sides more,  routing out some details along the spine AND repaneling. The level of modification will be determined by the client but I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to achieve a nice blend of the 2 designs.

Lastly, the red scheme will have the standard pilot, but the McQ will get something else!! Perhaps a Mon Cal? We’ll see. I have a pile of pilots from Studio StarForge to select from!!BWaw_IMAG3457

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