SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ pt13

Part 13 on Friday, the 13th!!! Bwahahaha. Ok, after I gave the decals a couple of brushings of Micro Sol I sealed the whole bird with Future again. I didn’t completely get rid of the film, but hey, they’re decals! Not everything can be a dry transfer. 😀 Once the Future was completely dry I brushed MiG’s neutral wash over it completely, making sure to brush the more viscous stuff into the deeper panel lines. To clean it off I just rubbed Q-Tips in the direction of airflow until I was satisfied with the result. Not only did it tone down the Future’s gloss, but it gave the colors an overall blending effect, which I like. Once she was clean a coat of flat clear was applied to seal it in. As of now I’m in the chipping phase. I tried using my silver colored pencil but it just wasn’t working how it should, so I switched to using Testor’s chrome paint marker dabbed onto a palette, then using my “chipping effect” brush to lightly dry brush areas. I know this bird didn’t see a TON of action, but the chipping effect makes it feel a bit more real, in my opinion.

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