SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ pt12

Now that WF is over I’ve been able to refocus on this guy!!! I need to be more careful here to keep the weathering subtle and in scale…. I did a round of paint touch up and then detail painting. After that it was the flat coat and future. THEN decals!

OH, and there was some weird stuff happening with the red on the belly so I went back in and added some variations by hand.

Another trick I read somewhere was that the HGW rivets respond really well to a light sanding. So I carefully went about that…I think the result looks pretty darn good on the wings. Didn’t work so well on the belly or the sides mainly because the paint was a little thicker, but that’s ok. Just another reason I should stick with the rivet tool…

I do kind of like the weathered effect the light sanding brought about…

And in between those steps I had to make a new whip antenna from stretched sprue. The photo etch one just kept bending and wasn’t thick enough. The stand also got a nice coat of med/dark green with a gloss coat. It also features the name plaque from the PE set and the profile decal from the sheet on it.

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