1/48 Studio Scale TIE Bomber pt7

PAAAAAAAAAINT!!!!!!!! Well, before that happened I had to clean up the engine cap and add the canopy cowling. Then mask the cockpit and engine LEDs. THEN prime. THEN preshade. The painting process was a bit of fun. It’s the first time I’ve ever decanted a rattle can, thinned down and used through my airbrush (I used Tamiya’s Haze Gray of course). I now see the appeal of spraying enamels with an airbrush. It goes down thin and like butter. So clean and even….But hark! While the Haze Gray has the cool blue tone we all love on the Bomber, it was too dark for my taste. I went over and highlighted each panel with a light spraying of Tamiya’s Sky Gray (XF-19). It was thin to not cover up too much of the Haze Gray. The overall effect I think is a perfect blend because that blue undertone is still there AND it shows off the pre- and post-shading nicely. This one will barely need any weathering!! ((sorry if the coloration isn’t clear enough in this pics, I was rushed this morning and didn’t want to setup the photo booth))

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