SMA BSC #2: 1/4222 Ertl Star Destroyer pt9

Working on some little fiddly bits. On the studio model there is a gap between the bell and rim on the engine nozzles so I separated them. I’ll use some strip styrene on the inside to lock them back in place. ALSO…my 3D prints for the conning tower came in! WOW this thing came out nice. (I also had a 10k scale printed for the long-benched master) The turret bays are still on the way and the face/head parts are needing some small fix-its before printing. So now my dilemma is this: do I use these printed parts for the build or do I clean them up and have molds made and parts cast for this build within the next month? I give it at least another 2 weeks until all the parts are in my hands. The prints are relatively cheap so I could just print another set for a master…thoughts?

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