SMA BSC #2: 1/4222 Ertl Star Destroyer pt7

To continue work on the build I dug out some extra laser etched pieces for the ventral armor plating. It was cut on some stock that’s a little thicker than ideal but I don’t mind the look (see more below).

I also found some strips for the side walls. I remember designing them with a slightly larger piece so that the slope would be accommodated. (I also finished scribing the superstructure pieces)

The lower hull got it’s turn under the scriber, too. Surprisingly it only took about an hour!! Well, at least for the first round….I went at it first by doing all the horizontals for each side, then the verticals, then the diagonals.

Figured while I was at it with the lower hull I’d start adding some of the other larger details. I fit the outer piece of the hangar but it needed a little reinforcement in the form of some very thin styrene. Anyway, I think the scribing turned out nicely. After the parts were added I sanded the lines down just to clean them up and then scrubbed the lines out with a short-bristled brush.

Oh, and check out this bad ass stand Laser Fire Creations made for me.

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