SMA BSC #1: 1/48 Tamiya Fw190D-9 JV44 “Red 3″ pt6

Next step in getting the office ready to close up is getting the pilot to fit properly. While the detail is really nice on the PJ pilot I had to shave a bunch of it down to get him to fit. Turns out the left arm is sculpted to hang over the edge with an open canopy! Luckily there was a spare arm in the parts bin. I also did a little more research into “Red 3” and found this page: A nice little bit of history to think about during the build. Anyway, the pilot sits nicely now.

While the pilot is in the process of being painted I figured this was good time to start with the canopy. I recently picked up some Tamiya polishing compound and really wanted a chance to use it. However, instead of going through the 3-step process of course, fine and finish, I went straight for the finishing compound mix because there were no scratches on the canopy parts to begin with (and they were pretty crystal clear…). A little buff and polish doesn’t hurt. I didn’t future coat it yet either…instead I’ll wait until after the flat coat. I think I will have to future the inside though so the super glue doesn’t fog it up.

And 2 other big steps: putting a little more putty in the seams…which weren’t terrible but I wanted to make them better and adding the brass barrels and pitot. They really make a difference with the final look. I did mount the barrels a little further out than they’re meant to be but it’s because I want to show them off just a little bit.

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