SMA BSC #2: 1/4222 Ertl Star Destroyer pt1

My second entry for the Big Spring Contest: a super-detailed Ertl Star Destroyer! So far I have my domes and scribing guide as well as some new parts from Odyssey Slipways to try out. The hangar replacements and engine nozzles look incredible. This build will of course be LIT with LEDs and fiber optics much the same as my Errant Venture build from a couple years back. At this point in the build I’ve just begun shaving/sanding the hull pieces in preparation for the scribing. I’m still on the fence with how to go about the bridge, whether or not to pick up Arvey’s parts, 3D print a new bridge set or just scratch build it….I’m leaning towards #2 believe it or not. It could very well turn into a Cosmos Models product if it’s successful…


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