1/350 Radiant VII pt7

STILL ALIVE!!! The building phase wrapped up this weekend while I was wrapped up to protect myself from the death that awaits outdoors. Seriously some good progress was made. To start off, the fins that go inside the engine nozzles were a little too tall and made contact with the LEDs so my options were to trim or to rebuild. I opted for the latter. A template was made and then I cut new pieces from stock, filed them to interlock and then added some quarter round to match some of the detail from the original part.

There are some cool little details on the studio model that I figured would be good to add. For instance, there appears to be photo-etched ladders on the forward part of the trench so I added those, as well as a few other strategic details around the hull. The areas where that were treated with putty were sanded down and still didn’t look perfect so I added some other details to spruce them up.

This build also marks a first for acrylic rod bending for me! I’d seen some other fantastic displays using this technique and after some research it seemed easy enough. All I needed was a candle and some patience! I first drilled a couple of holes on my base where I knew I wanted the rods. The first set of bent pieces were more experimental…I tried to create “cups” for the model to sit in. By and large they were OK but the smooth curves were a little more precarious than I had hoped (any light bump would cause the ship to slip!). The second set I opted to just bend the ends. The forward is “hooked” at the tip and curves around the side. The rear rod not only curves under the center engine, but also has a “hook” that fits inside the support fits. They’re still a bit tall and will need to be cut down an inch or two. But success!

Before priming I put some silver on the inner rim of the nozzles and covered them up with shaped foam. I decided to leave the cockpit windows as open frames but didn’t mask them. The holes are so narrow that any overspray would be kept to a minimum and at worst the paint diffuses the LED a touch more.

Lastly, a few rounds of priming and everything is ready to go!


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