1/350 Radiant VII pt3

Built up the engine sub-assembly sans-LED plates (which I drilled out in preparation for the incoming LEDs). There were some not-so-finished edges on the connecting fins so I added some U-bar strips. Also threaded the fiber optics for it which will run into the battery compartment.

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Joined the main hull and wing section. Then I dropped it and it snapped to I put it back together with some reinforcement. You can also see in the profile shot the shape of the battery “cap” space. There was a slight hang-up on the central engine injection curvy piece so that was trimmed.

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Threaded the big-ass fiber optics. Word.

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Now to the battery compartment cap/antenna array. Firstly I needed to cover that gap I opened up so I cut out a piece of plastic from a film canister. It fits perfectly over the area AND provides support for that main antenna arm. The magnets were a breeze to install and the whole thing clamps down in place nicely. There was a little bit of a gap up in the front so some filler styrene was added. Not too worried about any gaps at this point because I’m trying to save all my putty work for one step.

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The array itself is a fun, detailed assembly of fiddley bits.  Lots of careful sanding and tweezer work. The wires included in the kit were the perfect diameter to fit through some brass tubing, which is closer to the studio model. I also bent the dish-wire to poke through, also matching the studio model better.

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