1/48 Mi-24v Hind: engine woes

Really trying my damnedest to keep patient with the build. The gear systems just aren’t working how I want them to. And as it turns out the kit’s tail is too short to have both rotors working without hitting each other. So it’s main rotor only. And I tried using a few different combinations of gears, worm on the engine, worm on the shaft, radial on each…ugh. Then the damn plastic shaft cracked so I had to fit the guide with brass pipe for less friction during rotation. Then one of the blades snapped and I had to pin and glue it back in place…only it drooped too much compared to the other four. So, this is going to be shelved for a little while so A) I can take a breather from it before it “takes a crash” and B) so I can focus on getting commission and mastering work done. Bah.

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