1/48 Mi-24v Hind: high gear?

Ok so I’ve officially stalled out on this one. Maybe it was the wedding, maybe it was school starting again. Maybe.
I ended up ordering various gears and worm gears in tiny sizes as well as a couple spring style U-joints for the tail rotor.
Now that I sit here and try and piece it all together I’m not having so much fun. I’m debating whether or not to even pursue the tail rotor. Granted it would make things way easier and I’d be able to wrap this project up sooner, but then it wouldn’t be as cool!!! In the past I’ve given up at such points…but I think I’ll press on with this one. It’s very much a learning process. So now I’m going to do some research into micro pulley systems and belts. That’s about the only other system that I can think of that will do what I need it to. A pulley on the tail rotor shaft, a double-pulley and the elbow a 90° twist in the belt running the length of the tail and viola! Hopefully.

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