1/48 Mi-24v Hind Super Build: canopy + crew + more

The canopy that comes with the kit is good, but could use some polishing. I really wish there was a vacu-form aftermarket piece available. Anyway, I’ve been sanding away with polishing grits @ 2000, 6000 and 12,000 and it’s still not crystal clear. More work definitely to be done.

I’ve also decided to use the kit supplied crew members, but in this case they won’t be the pilots. I’ll consider them technicians and put them in the cabin. Their soft detail will be hidden enough.

Here you can see me starting to fiddle with the tiny motor. There’s enough room for placement in the interior, especially since the kit engines are replaced with the Cobra parts. I was thinking 2x AAA batteries in their clip would fit nicely in the rear…but more on that later.

Eduard’s Brassin Rocket Pod set will be a nice upgrade to this build as well. I’m not using the PE parts because they would be almost impossible to see. I did have to cut all the kit pods off because they were molded to the pylons. Also, one half of one of the pylons was missing from my kit so I had to scratch build it. The Eduard pods were primed and painted with Tamiya metallic silver. Nice and bright…

Lastly, a couple of little things had to happen like cutting off the front wheel cover and shaving the interlocks on the horizontal stabilizers. They will be nice and tight when the time comes to insert them.



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