1/48 Mi-24v Hind Super Build: scribing + battery

This has been a dream project of mine for the better part of this year. Initially I was thinking about it for the SMA Big Spring Contest but there was too much else going on. But now that my big summer art show is up and the wedding plans are commencing well enough, I’ve dived in a little deeper with this build. My intention is to have full lighting and working rotors (tail, too!)

For starters, here’s my component list:

Revellogram 1/48 Mi-24D Hind
Cobra Hind Gunship conversion set (guns, missiles, etc)
Cobra Mi-24v conversion set (exhausts, cockpit, etc)
Eduard interior PE
Eduard exterior PE
HGW free line rivets
Eduard Brassin Rocketpods
Dreammodel modern Russian pilots
Tamiya Touch/Dash motor
assortment of LEDs (red chips for cockpit, orange for cabin, warm white for spotlights, chip red and green for nav, flash red for beacon and strobe)
HungAero marking decals and Linden Hill stencil decals
Round 2 dome base

Since all these parts have been sitting around on my bench for months, I’ve been able to do a little bit here and there. The first of the tasks was to sand down and re-scribe all the panel lines. Since I’ll be using HGW rivets and not RB Productions rivet tool, this phase was relatively short. Some of the lines are a little choppy but they will be more smooth later in the build.

Another big step early on was configuring the battery access compartment and I figured the rear landing gear doors will give me access to the most interior space. A 2x AAA clip will fit well and a 9v battery will fit even better (but just slightly so). Since the kit pieces are in 3 parts they had to be glued together. After some minimal seam filling the whole piece should fit snugly and will be removable via mini-magnets.

I have plenty more updates to post so I will parse them out as to not crowd it all up front!!!! Just wait until you see the video!!!!


2 thoughts on “1/48 Mi-24v Hind Super Build: scribing + battery

  1. If that is the Hind that the Russians had in Afghanistan, it was the scourge of the muhjahadeen until a secret program between the Us and Israel figured out a weapon that could take them out

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