SMA BSC #3 Redux: 1/72 F-117A Nighthawk

It looks like I’m not going to be able to finish up the Dominator ISD conversion by the end of the month. I’m just way too behind on even just the hull scribing. 2 weeks is just not enough time to do the build justice so it will work into a shelf-queen project.

In lieu of that build, and owing to my slightly A-D-D habits of building (and sometimes I just need a “break” from more intense builds) I dug out my older Hasegawa 1/72 F-117A Nighthawk. This was chosen because it really is a stupid easy build. Not Snap-Tite stupid, but easy nonetheless. I had also collected Eduard’s PE set and mask…which turns out is where the bulk of the work is being put in.

The first big mod to the kit was assembling the landing gear doors in closed position. For the most part they fit snugly but a little bit of shaving and trimming was necessary to get them flush with the belly surface. There was a little bit of super glue spillage so I will be going back over those areas with some micro-grain sandpaper. Cockpit wise, the whole thing is built up with the PE set, tub and all. A little bit of shaving was required to the kit part’s tub width and the instrument panel hood needed to be removed entirely. The only other bit of body work is the filling and sanding of the gaps at the main wing seams.

I’ll probably finish up the pilot and PE bits tonight and do the sanding. Hopefully painting tomorrow, then future and decals. Super quick process it would seem.


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