SMA BSC #4: 1/1000 Olympic Carrier(s) pt6

Big update on the Carriers. All the detailing on #2 was wrapped up, including adding the rear fins. Less was needed because the seam on the bottom joined more cleanly. It of course got it’s coat of primer, too. The tails for both of them received their static discharge vanes. The masking on #1 was removed and peeled some of the black off with it. It’s really a happy accident because the black was way too dark and didn’t match the references. So I came back in with some Testors Gunship Gray and it looks TONS better. The rear “grill” area was painted with black on #1 and gunmetal on #2. Before going to far along I did some drybrushing and detailing with chrome on #1. This step still needs to be repeated on #2. A healthy coat of future was also applied to #1 in preparation for decals. Once those are on I’ll do some washes and heavy weathering…


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