Airfix 1/72 MiG-29 Fulcrum new boxing pt3

And for the main event from the weekend! Got a lot of progress on the Fulcrum.

Picking up where I left off I assembled the intakes, which are split down the middle. The actual “tubing” section seam fits pretty well but the alignment on the intakes is nasty. It took some sharp blades and some putty to clean them up. Surprisingly, they attach to the fuselage cleanly leaving minimal gaps at the contact points.

I decided to go with the in-flight configuration so all the gear doors had to be closed. The forward bay doors weren’t too bad in terms of getting them to fit. However, they did need to be glued one corner at a time because there were more or less held in place by pressure. The side gear doors were a bit more complicated as NONE of the parts really fit each other. So there was some trimming and  filing and squeezing and gluing but it all seemed to work out ok. There were a couple of open spots here and there but more on that down the line.

There were also a bunch of smaller detail parts that are kind of blah. The intake vents, the antennas and the pitot are all big old blobs of soft plastic. Whatever. Practice build. Pylons, of course, too. The pitot though was bad enough to warrant the use of Dreammodel’s parts…and boy does it make a difference.

Here’s the “down the line” part: Aves. There were just too many little gaps here and there and I needed to blend the new pitot part into the nose so Aves was justly applied to specific locations, including wing gaps and the gear door areas. Not bad.

It was also the time to finish up the cockpit, which I had sprayed some black into. I didn’t want to fuss too much with it so I added a little greeblie behind the headrest and drybrushed the whole thing with silver. The pilot got the most detail. One issue is that with the replacement seat he sat a little too proud and bumped his helmet on the canopy so I had to shave his legs down and use a clamp to squeeze him in.

The canopy itself is a thick old bit of clear and takes decently to a couple of coats of Future. The inside seam was painted with desert khaki or some such color….hopefully it’ll look good when the mask comes off…

Lastly, I primed the whole bird with Mr Surfacer 1200 to retain all that rivet detail! Woot! Preshading next!3



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