SMA BSC #4: 1/1000 Olympic Carrier(s) pt4

Finished the base!! It was a little tricky planning the angle and finding the proper diameter tubes for the plugs. I even had to grind down the threading to get them to fit. Both craft will look pretty nice on the base though. I also started masking but realized it would be easier to do the dark coat on the bottom then mask. I used a ton of Micro Mask on the sides and it will be a nice clean-edged white shell. The engine/fin areas will be a little trickier to mask. Also, I noticed that the ZOIC renders all have these little static vane things sticking off the back edges of the fins. So I’ll have to add those. No biggie because I have some leftover PE from my F-16 build… I also began the process of lighting the 2nd carrier and it looks like it has the same seam issues….so fun times ahead….


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