SMA BSC #2: Timeslip Creations’ 1/350 Action VI Transport pt4

Another small bit of progress. I decided to keep going with the general assembly portions and added the engine section to the main bulk. Turns out I didn’t really need to fill and sand the seam on it because it’s hidden by the engine shroud. Take note. The nozzles have these neat little cutouts too that I removed the flash from. They’ll need a little bit of filing to get a cleaner opening. Another note: it’d be better to open those spots before mounting the engine tubes to the base. It wasn’t a huge deal but there are a couple on the inside of the array that are slightly more difficult to get to.

Also, when I went at cleaning the main seam, I was a tad aggressive so a bunch of strips were added to make it cleaner and more flush. AND so the head portion can be easily ‘toggled’.

The cargo doors that will be removed are marked here. They will be open at three different levels and a box will be built on the inside. I think a nice mesh or screen will work as module separators…

Lastly, I mounted the magnets for the battery access mechanism.


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