SMA BSC #2: Timeslip Creations’ 1/350 Action VI Transport pt3

Yay! My LEDs came in yesterday. It’s a nice little 9v circuit. There are 2 solid on red for the bridges (one on nose and one further up), 2 solid white to run the fiber optics, 4 solid orange for the engines and 1 blinking red for collision warnings. I think I’ll make the head detachable with magnets so that the 9v can be replaced if need be. it fits nice and snug so magnets should be just enough to hold it in place. it’ll be more of an access point than a holder for the battery.

I also cut out a ton of openings for the hollow parts just to make room.

Cut out the main bridge window opening. I also got a little trigger happy sanding the main center seam, so I’ll have a tad bit of filling to do 😛

Mated all the parts to the engine section, making sure the big old nozzles were aligned properly…

then started dry fitting all the pieces together. she’s really shaping up! i also attached the “handle”…

I also have a more working idea for how I’d like to paint it up. It’s seems a bit Chris Foss/Homeworld 2 inspired and it comes from Starship Modelers wallpaper of the month. I’ll use this as a point of departure and possible design some decals to go with it….but maybe do a little more color variation utilizing that weathered blue effect posted a little further up. What do you think?


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