1/2256 Fleet Update

This weekend was not only productive, but it marked the beginning of TWO big contests and group builds. I feel confident in the progression of these commission builds enough so that I can start a couple contest build for the SMA BSC. The group build is a Phantom Addicts Anonymous and goes until September…so no pressure there!

Anywho…I’ve been chipping away at these guys for sure. Not only have I filed and filled the larger window openings on the Dreadnaught, I have the lighting circuit en route! I still need to drill the hole for the plug once the circuit arrives but it’ll be short work once those components arrive. Oh, I added some windows along the engine block, too.

As for the MC-80, I’ve finally finished drilling the…hmmm…lets see…900± windows!!! I used the rivet gauge tool to get not only a straight line but equal spacing. There are definitely not as many windows on this build (as opposed to my previous MC-80)…this time it’s more accurate to the on-screen version. I also mounted the engine section and fixed the holes I accidentally ground through and added the block to run the plug through…so it’s starting to come together nicely.


2 thoughts on “1/2256 Fleet Update

  1. Hi Nicholas. Great job as usual. You mentioned drilling holes with a rivet guage tool. I looked that up and I couldn’t find out what it was. I’m going to be drilling hole in my star destroyer soon and I was going to use a flexible metal ruler as a guide, but I’m curious about your tool. Can you post a picture or link? Thanks

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