Tamiya 1/48 F-16C/N Aggressor/Adversary cockpit work

I had a nice quiet night last night hunched over my bench finishing up the details on the cockpit. The instrument panel and hood were completed and the Eduard set was utilized to it’s fullest extent. I even added a little drop of clear green the HUD and Future coated the reflector so the green reflects! There was a little trouble with the panels little side “hooks” not fitting properly in the bucket so some filing was needed. Other than that it went together beautifully.

The ejector seat was also finished up with all the color PE bits and pieces, which were added after the main painting was done. A wash of MiG’s dark and a coat of flat were the last touches. I even got a little bit further on the pilot. Yes, he looks a little glossy now but he’ll get a flat coat and some wash, too. I might have to heat the legs and push them a little closer because otherwise he has a tough time being added into the cockpit once the seat is there (I want him to be removable).

The main gear bay was a breeze to assemble and fit right into place on the lower fuselage. I added the cockpit parts to the upper fuselage as  opposed to the instruction’s lower fuselage attachment. No big deal. There was a *tiny* alignment issue getting the nose section to sit flush with the wing section, but some clamps made sure the seam was nice and smooth. The less putty this fucker needs the better. As a final touch this morning before work I glued the top and bottom together and once again the fit was damn near perfect. There is a little need for putty towards the tail but since there isn’t riveting or paneling detail it shouldn’t be a problem.



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