Bench Update: 1/72 X-Wing with XJ Upgrade parts

A few months back I designed some conversion/update parts for the Fine Molds 1/72 X-Wing and the prints arrived recently. Today I took the time to do a quick little sanding, priming and sealing. They are all wrapped up and ready for casting!

But ho-ho! That’s not all! I actually ordered a first draft of these parts so rather than wait for the castings, I decided to use these on the kit itself. Boy am I glad I did because this kit is a GEM! I’ve never built it before but it assembles super-easily, detailing it was fun and overall it’s a good quick project. However, I had cannibalized some parts for a few other builds so I had to rebuild the cockpit (which is partly hidden by a tinted canopy), the droid strip and the cannons.

With the upgrade parts, I’m calling this a special strike modification, say X/S-Wing. There the engine boosters on the wings (for narrow escape¬†maneuverability), there are also larger ion burner nozzles (for speeds the match an A-Wing), super-charged cannons (same drivers found on the E-Wing), extra fusion torpedo launchers and the droid strip features an array of communications antennas. Also, the astromech brain is integrated into the avionics system so the socket is retrofitted with a multi-spectrum imaging device (under the clear dome!).


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