Bench Update: Delta Quadrant’s 1/1000 Klingon D5

Here’s another installment of the Klingon batch, the 1/1000 version of the D5. This kit is more elaborate than it’s little brother in terms of parts breakdown and detailing. I used smaller gauge piping than the kit comes with for a better scale effect. I also decided that, rather than using the decals alone, I would add vinyl plating. To do this I scanned and reprinted the decals onto vinyl and then cut them out for application. What was a happy accident is that the ink from the laser printer flaked off super easily once the pieces were applied. This will eliminate any paint peeling in the future. You’ll notice in the pictures that there were some pretty heavy resolution lines from the 3D printing of the master. All the surfaces the vinyl went on had to be sanded pretty darn smooth because the res lines show through. 😯 Not a huge pain but the final effect is very worth while.

While I was at it I made some various color options for the decals, mostly because I’m going to do either a lighter green/rusty version or a gray/red early Quo’nos One version. That will be determined by what happens with the little guy. Also, the very nice base that was included with the kit is a little small to keep balance, so I attached it to wider, circular base.


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